Fotograf Michaela Potterbaum

Nordiske Bryllup / Nordic Weddings - Wedding in Geiranger, Norway - Photos by Michaela Potterbaum

Michaela Potterbaum er fra Chicago, men for tiden bor hun i Ålesund. Hun er bryllupsfotograf og reiser gjerne hvor som helst for å forevige lykkelige nygifte. Vi stilte henne noen spørsmål for å bli litt bedre kjent.

How would you describe your style?

– I believe that every wedding is a beautiful story waiting to be told through photos. With this in mind, I try my best to capture the heart of each wedding day, and in a sequence of photos that artistically displays every single emotion felt during the day. I also love chasing down the natural light no matter what the setting is, and I will do anything and everything to create «out of the box» portraits and photographs that reflect the bride’s and groom’s personality. I love to have fun with it, and I find so much joy in capturing the spontaneous, candid moments that make every wedding unique and beautiful.

What kind of wedding are you dreaming about shooting?

– After having photographed so many US weddings in the past years, these days I am constantly dreaming of the next fairytale Norwegian or Scandinavian wedding I’ll get to shoot. All it takes is some natural light, a madly-in-love bride and groom, lots of unique details and a gorgeous Scandinavian location. All of that combined, is practically Christmas for me. What a treat to photograph weddings in this part of the world! The people and the setting are always stunning.

What is your favorite part of a wedding day?

– That’s really hard for me to say. Each part of the day is uniquely beautiful, and from wedding to wedding it often varies as to what part was most enjoyable to photograph. But if you want a short answer, it’s probably the portraits because I often have the most freedom to get creative in this part of the day.

What is your best tip for a bride and groom to be when it comes to being photographed?

– Be confident. Be fully you. Laugh. Cry. Be real. If you can, meet with your photographer beforehand and find someone that makes you feel comfortable and brings out the best in you. Lastly, don’t worry about anything on your wedding day.
It’s the best day of your life… Enjoy it!

How long have you photographed weddings, and where have you shot?

– I’ve shot around 90+ weddings throughout the past 7 years. I’ve mainly shot in the US and Norway, but along the journey I’ve also photographed weddings in Switzerland, Denmark, France, England, Canada, Guatemala, Africa, and Romania. I love every chance to travel and tell wedding stories in an international setting.

Love is a beautiful thing, no matter where on earth you may find it.
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Michaela Potterbaum

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